Pimples on the backs of your arms?

Pimples on the backs of your arms?

How natural plant power could help tackle those pimples on the backs of your arms.
A Burning Issue

A Burning Issue

  Most scented candles available to buy – from the least to the most expensive – contain petroleum based paraffin wax, a by-product of the crude oi...
bergamot pettigrain neroli essential oils

Our Citrus Stars!

Aromatherapists use essential oils to benefit mood and spirit.  At No Secrets we are focused on using beautifully scented oils to transform your ba...
natural oils in beauty products

Do you find the labels on beauty products confusing?

Lorna shares her experiences with reading labels on beauty products and how, recognisable natural ingredients, can be hidden behind their official 'INCI' names.
natural luxury body wash lavender

The Power of Natural Perfume

How the natural perfume in 'One' transforms your shower to a Spa!