We obviously think our products are great, but don’t take our word for it, this is what others have told us…


Dr Charles Forsyth

Such lovely products to use, great fragrances .. and superbly formulated without any of the common 'nasties' that I am continually urging my patients to avoid!  (Toxicities with their consequent health issues, resulting from the use of cosmetic / beauty products, are so frequent in the patients who consult me.)



“I like the way the product feels, and I have had to use less body moisturiser as a result”



“’One’, such a lovely texture and smell”



“such a beautiful scent and lathers even without the nasties and made me feel like i was in a five-star spa for those few moments in the shower (before stepping out into the usual household mayhem!)”



“I used it this morning and absolutely love the scent. It really lingered which is unusual in a shower product so top marks for that”



“it felt silky smooth on the skin and smells absolutely delicious. After using, the aroma lingers in the bathroom, giving that fantastic spa experience. Also, it could be described as gender neutral – my husband keeps using it too!”