5 Ways with Essential Oils

Our signature fragrances...

...are now available in their pure form - dropper bottles of essential oils - so you can use them in a way tailored to you! 

Here's 5 ideas to get you going ...

1. Add 2 drops to the wool bead in Oyl'e's Aromatherapy Jewellery, that way you can 'wear' the fragrance with you all day.

2. Add a few drops to the water in an electronic diffuser to scent your room and then, depending on your choice of oil, clear your mind or relax.

3. Add a few drops to the water in a traditional ceramic oil diffuser. Here is one our ours in action, scenting our home in a natural way!

ceramic diffuser for essential oils

Stjarna Oil Burner 

4. Add a few drops to your bath!  Sink into the bath and relax, breathing in the beautiful aromas of your chosen oil.  Remember we are drawn to the oils whose properties we need!    

5. Make your own foot scrub!

So easy to make ... store cupboard ingredients are all you need:
  • Handful of sugar
  • A few drops of your chosen oil
  • Slowly add sunflower oil or avocado oil until you have the consistency of your choice
Rub the scrub into your heels. The sugar will act as an exfoliator, the oil will sooth and soften and the essential oil will refresh and lift your spirits!