About No Secrets beauty products

Meet No Secrets founder Lorna Veale

For most of my adult life I’d suffered from various recurring infections and immune-system disorders, struggling to find a lasting solution. In 2010, my GP suggested I consult a private doctor who specialised in complementary and holistic medicine. The results were life-changing.

I tested intolerant to multiple synthetic ingredients found in everyday personal care products and was advised to ‘re-think’ my environment. Armed with a list of things to avoid, I had to study every single label on my bath products, make-up, laundry detergent etc. It was overwhelming.

Stopping to really look at the products I used (and loved) daily made me think differently about what I put on my skin. I learnt that shampoo and conditioner contained an antiseptic that I am intolerant to.  I learnt that over the last 50 years our bodies and homes have been invaded by multiple chemicals which we do not yet fully understand, that could potentially impact our hormones or immune system. I was shocked that some of the most expensive brands contain some of the cheapest and least agreeable ingredients.

I became fascinated by the connection between beauty and wellbeing. Why would anyone use complex synthetic formulas when pure, plant-based alternatives existed? I purged my bathroom of all my favourite premium beauty products – full of unnecessary ‘nasties’ they felt heavy and toxic on my skin. Even clean washing didn’t smell clean anymore, just a blend of incredibly strong chemicals.

I also have become very interested in the link between beauty and the environmental impact of ingredients and packaging used.  Surely there is a disconnect between having clean hair and the 1 billion plastic shampoo bottles just the UK gets through every year? 

What I couldn’t find on my search was a brand that spoke to me in my new world of seeking a ‘cleaner’ product range that also embraced the need to move towards less use of plastic. 

So in 2016, I made the bold decision to create the beauty brand I’d always dreamed of. I called it No Secrets because I’m passionate about honesty in beauty. I’m so proud that every single thing that goes into our products is pure and safe and there for a reason. Everything from the minimal packaging to the divine essential oils or allergen free scents, comes together to give you a totally uplifting daily treat, something to look forward to.

Choosing clean, natural beauty isn’t necessarily a fix for health problems but it’s an essential part of the jigsaw: a simple, feel-good choice you can make to live a happier, healthier life.

These are my dream products that I love to use on my family and to gift to my friends. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Lorna x