4 reasons why we're going SOLO!

Plastic free, soap free, sulphate free and palm oil free!

So what!  

This is why we care

Plastic Free? So what!?

Problem: 520 million plastic shampoo bottles are sold each year in the UK. The average adult uses 242 plastic bottles*. Although many plastic bottles are now recyclable or produced from recycled plastic, not all find their way to appropriate recycling centres. 

Solution: Our Solo Bars are sold in cardboard. 

Soap Free? So what!?

Problem: Skin's natural pH is about 5.5. Traditional soaps have a pH higher than your skin which remove natural oils on use. This is why your skin can feel tight after using them.  Using traditional soap on your hair is not recommended and you will only do it once!  

Solution: Our Solo Bars are soap free and therefore feel much nicer on the skin.  They have been formulated to use on the hair.  It's a leap of faith, but they feel lovely and do lather too! 

Sulphate Free? So what!?

Problem: Does your skin feel dry after washing? Many shampoo bars, soaps, hand washes, hand sanitisers and shower gels can significantly dehydrate the skin.  This is because they contain oil stripping ingredients such as alcohol, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), that may upset the natural balance of your skin.  

Solution: Solo Bars are formulated from plant based oils and contain no synthetic foaming agents or ingredients. 

Palm Oil Free? So what!?

Problem: We know that many people are concerned about the use of Palm Oil due to issues with biodiversity.  

Solution: There is no Palm Oil in our products.  


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