Oh Bath, how I've missed you!

I have to admit, I'm one of those people who tend to over schedule themselves and while I embrace, and would dearly love to achieve the recommendations for exercise, yoga, relaxation, 'me time' etc.; I rarely achieve these goals!
Relaxation and 'me time' however, can take many forms. One of the defining factors in developing the No Secrets range was to create natural fragrances which packed a punch and lingered (unlike all other natural products I had managed to get my hands on). I therefore continue to really enjoy my shower time and always feel that that is 5 minutes of calm and 'me time' immersed in our Spa like fragrances.

But on to baths ....

Thankfully most of us have access to a bath and while we've perhaps abandoned them in favour for the speed of a shower, I would urge you to re-think. The bath can be that 20 minutes of relaxation and 'me time' and hopefully this is an achievable goal.
Having not had a bath for a while, I recently turned those taps on and closed that door. As I sunk into the enveloping warmth of the water, my body seemed to sigh and relax and in my head I heard the words ...
Oh Bath, how I've missed you!

Benefits of Bathing

We've been enjoying Suzanne Duckett's book Bathe where all aspects of the history, ritual and benefits of bathing are discussed.
Reference is made to scientific studies which have shown that bathing is relaxing, allows for minds to wander freely and can stimulate creativity.

'Being around water allows our brains and senses to rest from overstimulation; essentially, it is a holiday for our brains.'

Our TOP TEN favourite benefits as experienced ourselves and noted in Suzanne's book:
  1. Relieves sore muscles
  2. The heat causes sweating which can help eliminate toxins, viruses and bacteria from the body
  3. Can improve circulation and heart health
  4. The heat can block pain receptors bringing pain relief ... anyone experienced a birthing pool?
  5. Steam inhalation can help with coughs and colds
  6. Calming; improves mood and optimism
  7. Can lower blood sugar levels and therefore burn calories
  8. The calming effect can aid sleep
  9. Inexpensive!
  10. And finally that perfect 'me time'!

Stop ... Think!

Having considered all the health benefits of bathing, please proceed with caution and say 'no' to traditional bubble bath which contains chemicals drying for your skin. Consider bath salts which you can make yourself or one of our luxurious bathing products.
A future blog will cover this in more detail.