Best Free From Skincare Gift 2020

We were recently thrilled to receive 3 awards in the Free From Skincare Gift Awards.

In addition to being the Overall Winner, we received awards in the following categories:

Gold in Body & Bath Care

Gold in Luxury & Pampering

Here are some highlights from the tester's comments:

“Immaculately packed in a ribboned box — I was stunned. I am not ashamed to say actually cried a little when I opened it … It felt like the most gorgeous luxurious invitation for self-care … I immediately poured myself a bath (and a glass of wine) … The most thoughtful complete spa experience … the bath jelly is a novel indulgent aromatherapy experience, and was impressed with how well it dispersed to turn water milky … body jelly leaves skin plump and nourished and I smelled like a goddess … the votive candle and matches just complete the set … every component is so strong and well thought-out … Just glorious … Anyone who ever sends me this as a gift will be firmly in my ‘good books’ for life”

Free From Skincare Awards winner of best gift set


Full comments here:

Tester Feedback: No Secrets, Home Spa

What was your immediate reaction to and your first impressions of the product when you opened it? How did you feel to receive the gift? Were you excited, indifferent, disappointed? How did you feel about the prospect of opening it and using it?

When I first saw the product, which is immaculately packed in a bespoke ribboned box, I was totally stunned. Everybody wants to feel a bit pampered (especially this year, right?!), but I’m not ashamed to say I actually cried a little bit when I opened this box - it felt like the most gorgeous luxurious invitation for self care in a box, all beautifully presented on a bed of tissue-paper. It also looked incredibly high-end - it’s safe to say anyone receiving this would feel spoilt. Oh, and as if it weren’t a complete feast of gorgeous products, they throw in samples!

I was so excited to use the products and find out if the contents lived up to the packaging, that I immediately poured myself a bath (and a glass of wine...) 

What did friends / family members say about the gift when you showed it to them?

My partner looked a bit stunned, exclaimed “Wow”, followed by “Awww they even include a fancy box of matches for the candle!” He was as keen as I was to try out the bath jelly.

Describe how each cosmetic component functioned during the period you tested it? Did each cosmetic 'do its job' (be it e.g. cleansing, moisturising)? How much did you enjoy using them?   

This extremely pretty box really is the full package, it’s the most thoughtful complete spa experience, down to those daft but somehow touching branded matches! I absolutely loved taking the whole pack to the bathroom and lighting the votive as the bath ran. I was impressed with the scent it throws for a small votive, and also the burn time - one long bath only burnt a few millimetres of wax.

Massaging on the bath jelly is a novel indulgent aromatherapy experience, and I was impressed with how well it dispersed to turn the water milky and filled the room with another layer of fragrance. I didn’t want to get out of the bath! It was worth it just to use the body jelly though which is glorious rich and headily fragrant end to the whole experience.

Using all of the products together is the most relaxing and indulgent process, but I loved that the tub of body jelly is huge and will last a long time so I can use it after showers or on dry skin in future for some on-the-go aromatherapy TLC!

Describe how each cosmetic compenent left your skin / hair feeling at the end of the testing period. Were there any notable improvements? 

I loved that none of the products are greasy. The jellies are both incredibly rich, and the bath jelly disperses immediately to make the water milky and leave your skin soft. I was also incredibly impressed with how quickly the body jelly absorbs, it left my skin feeling plump and nourished and I smelt like a goddess, frankly! I have sensitive skin but they had no issues using these products again and again, it helped smooth and moisturise my dry rough skin.

If there were non-cosmetic components to the set or box, describe how they worked and what you liked and disliked about them?

The votive candle and matches just complete the set and turn it from a lovely pair of products to a ready-to-go pampering experience. I can imagine this being a wonderful gift on a honeymoon, trip or romantic holiday anywhere with a nice bath! The candle helps set the scene and throws an impressive complimenting scent, and has a great burn time.

What did you most like about the set or box? What was your favourite component and why? 

 It’s really hard to say which part of this set is my favourite as every component is so strong and well thought out. In terms of pure indulgence and experience alongside skincare impact, probably the bath jelly - but I love how versatile the body jelly is, and how long it will last.

What did you like least? How else could the set or box and its contents be improved? 

I can’t think of a way to improve the products, they’re just glorious. The only way it could be better is perhaps one larger tub of bath jelly rather than individual one-bath tubs, which feels a bit packaging heavy and out of balance with the massive body jelly tub. That is, however, a small nit pick; I really love the products, plant based ideology and everything else about the packaging frankly!

Would you be happy to receive the set or box again as a gift? If so, why? If not, why not? 

It’s fair to say anyone who sends me this gift is firmly in my good books for life. It’s the most glorious, thoughtful, extravagant pamper I’ve ever received!

Would you be happy to give the set or box as a gift? If so, to whom would you give it and why? If not, why not?  

Not only would I be happy to gift this, I absolutely will be gifting this. My sister, friends, and anyone I know and love who likes a bath and deserves a luxurious pamper will be getting one.

Please let us have some additional comments. What are your thoughts on price / value for money (please ask us the price if you can't find it online), the box / packaging / presentation, labelling, eco / green credentials? Add any other comments too if you have them. 

While this is a relatively pricey gift set, everything about it looks and feels high-end and luxurious, so I genuinely thought it would cost more than it does. As such, the price seems very fair for what you get and isn’t off-putting. I love the detailed product info and tips, and the green credentials, including the soy wax candle. The colour scheme and the way every part of the packaging is designed makes this feel really special to receive and unbox.