Refreshing your bathroom for Spring!

Crisp sunny days and spring flowers lead to thoughts of new beginnings...

Every time you grab a bottle of body wash from your bathroom cupboard - you may be surprised to know that - when using most products we have come to know and love, you are asking your skin to go into battle against a myriad of chemicals, most shared on the label, but some lurking within the catch all 'fragrance' or parfum' that don't have to be disclosed due to 'trade secrets'.

Skin, the delivery system to your blood stream; that's why skin patches work

Skin is your largest organ and connects straight to your blood stream.  The question is why - in the name of beauty and cleanliness - are we bombarding our skin with a host of ingredients it needs to contend with?  Toxicologist Dr Michael J. DiBartolomeis has drawn comparisons between the litter seen in the countryside to the chemicals polluting our bodies; 'Only you can't easily see the chemicals inside our bodies so it is much harder to demonstrate that we are polluted'.

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This spring take the step to de-tox your shower

At No Secrets we believe your beauty routine should be free from those chemical nasties. Your body has enough to contend with, with the stresses of working hard in and/or outside the home, getting stuck in traffic and forgetting those internet passwords! So, if your bathroom shelf, doesn't look like this one, then we can help you with choosing what should stay and what should go!

Here are two nasties to say 'No' to:

1,4-dioxane (may be written as PEG, polyethylene, polyethylene glycol) and may also be found in sodium laureth sulfate:  I've found it today in various hand and body washes hiding under beautiful packaging and a hefty price tag. It is considered probably carcinogenic.

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Formaldehyde (may be written as formalin, formic aldehyde): look out for it in some nail polish, anit-perspirant, bubble bath and shampoo.  It destroyed my nails for years, leaving them weak and flaking. It would literally take a year for my nails to recover from one night out with nail varnish on.  More recently I've found out it's also used to embalm dead people and is classified as a carcinogenic.  In products it will be in a low concentration, but over time this can cause build up. Have a look at what Wikepedia says. Yuk!

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Our clean heroes

The lather and cleaning action in our products is provided by liquids derived from coconut oil. We use cocoa seed butter (that's what chocolate is made from) and plant based glycerin to moisturise.

Honesty and clarity

We want to share with you exactly what's in our products and allow you to decide if that's for you or not.  We have worked really hard to ensure that none of our ingredients are on the 'nasty watch lists'.  Everything is 100% naturally derived, 100% vegan, 100% gorgeous and Made in England. 

Welcome to our world of No Secrets.

Lorna    x