Introducing our collaboration with Erica Fransson

We were thrilled to come across Erica's beautiful ceramic work and then - what serendipity - we discovered that she is regularly to be found bringing her designs to life at a pottery local to us, near Tunbridge Wells, as well as in her own studio in London!  This collaboration was clearly meant to be. 

Based on her signature style, Erica has personally designed, hand thrown and made each one.  They are named after the word 'star' in old English, Welsh and Swedish, as they throw out multiple lights into space, like stars.  

Each burner begins as two balls of stoneware clay. They are thrown on Erica’s potter’s wheel; one forms the main body of the burner and the other forms the oil tray.  When the two elements have dried to a leather like texture, they are joined and left to rest. The patterns are then carved out and cut by hand. After a polish the burners are left to dry for two or three days before the first firing.


After cooling, each piece is dipped into a transparent gloss and then fired again at 1240C. The final stage is to add the rose gold lustre. This part is really tricky and requires a very steady hand. To seal the lustre, a final firing is carried out at 700C.


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The burners are then ready to bring joy and calm to your home and, if you just want to burn a tea-light, that's fine too!

Welcome to our world of No Secrets.

Lorna    x     

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