Me Time Musings, April 2021

What we're reading, cooking, thinking about and loving this month. Enjoy!

Bath-time reading...

I heard this book mentioned on the radio and it attracted my attention; mainly due to the fact that Anita Brookner was a lecturer at the Courtauld, where I studied.   I really enjoyed Hotel du Lac, its subject is certainly from an earlier decade, when views and expected behaviours were vastly different, but it was somewhat comforting to be transported back there. It is set around a hotel and the guests who arrive to stay. Once you read it, look up more information about the author, as I found that too made very interesting reading!

hotel du lac and relaxing bathtime reading


Spring is by far a better time to consider new resolutions than January, when it is dark and other animals are hibernating! Now the days are lighter and hopefully warmer soon, perhaps why not start some new habits for better health and wellbeing.  

Dr Michael Mosley's podcast on BBC Sounds 'Just One Thing' may give some tips.  I like the ambition which is - in effect - quite modest and therefore hopefully achievable. So far he's advised a brisk morning walk - I'm enjoying seeing gorgeous spring blossom - and eating sauerkraut! 

starting new habits


The blossoms in the hedgerows and people's gardens are simply beautiful.  Google 'blossom trail' and you may find some useful guides for the best blossom in your area.  

Here in Kent, we live in the midst of traditional fruit orchards and so this time of year is very special.  Already our plum tree is in blossom and we look forward to the apple blossom soon! 


Well it had to be Sauerkraut didn't it? With advantages suggested such as:
Reducing inflammation
Reducing stress 
Improving mood
Improving sleep ... it must be worth trying
N.b. the advice is to start slowly as the gut needs to be eased in.  With all socialising being out of doors, what better time to adopt this habit! 

See Jasmine Hemsley for a recipe 

sauerkraut and ways to relax