Me Time Musings, December 2020

What we're reading, cooking, thinking about and loving this month. Enjoy!

 Bath-time reading...

The Mistress of Paris: The 19th-Century Courtesan Who Built an Empire on a Secret by Catherine Hewitt.  

A real page turner, almost a cross between a novel and a biography.  Catherine reveals the most fascinating life story of Valtesse, who simply seemed to know and 'know' all the movers and shakers in 19th Century Paris.  She was an inspiration for artists and writers, and was linked to royalty and politicians. This is a book definitely to wish for in your stocking. 

We feel sure she would have liked an indulgent No Secrets bathing experience! 

Thinking ...

This 'tis the season to be jolly, 'jolly careful'!'

Seems like the perfect excuse to hunker down and sink into a hot bath with our Bath Sugar.   The award winning centre piece of our beautiful 'Bathing Heaven' gift set, we only have a handful of these in stock, so order now!

luxurious bath

Loving ...

I have to admit, I am not a fan of the dark mornings, but one positive is being able to witness sunrise!   Here is one from last week that was simply stunning!

And for the darker evenings, I can really recommend our beautiful candles that come in reusable jars with rose gold lids.

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shower cream


With the Bake Off final in mind, I have found a fab recipe for coffee and walnut cake.  Now you will see from the photo, that the attempt at vegan icing split, but it was simply the spongiest sponge I've ever managed to bake!  I switched the butter for a vegan cake fat from Pure. 

simply the best coffee and walnut cake ever