Me Time Musings, December 21

Bath-time reading ...

This book helps you carve out what your ideal Christmas would be.  It suggests strategies as to how you may be able to move away from the elements you don't normally enjoy, and focus on the parts that you do.  It's interesting and thought provoking! For more information see Beth Kempton Calm Christmas

Bath Time Reading

Thinking ...

Need a mini-break at home? A bath is the perfect way to press the pause button.  Sink into the depths of hot water and let your cares float away.  Products scented with spa-inspired essential oils can help calm and sooth both tired mind and muscles.   
'Being around water allows our brains and senses to rest from overstimulation; essentially, it is a holiday for our brains.' Suzanne Duckett.

body oil samples

Loving ...

This festive season try and have a really good laugh! Read or watch something funny, or enjoy laughter with friends and family.  Laughter is so good for us.  It:

- stimulates organs by enhancing your intake of oxygen rich air
- increases endorphins released in the brain which make you feel happy
- can help decrease blood pressure, helping you feel relaxed
-can soothe tension by stimulating circulation which can then aid muscles to relax
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I'll be re-watching Click&Collect a comedy drama by Stephen Merchant which - for me - is so laugh out loud funny! 

essential oils in candles

Cooking ...

I find regular mince pies just too sweet.  A nice hack is to go for some readymade pastry (after years without pastry, what a revelation it was to find that Jus-Roll is dairy free and OK for my personal intolerance!) and use a mincemeat sweetened with fruit juice, not regular sugar.  This one is great... Meridien Organic Mince Pie Filling

vegan lentils