Me time Musings, January 2021

What we're reading, cooking, thinking about and loving this month. Enjoy!


Bath-time reading...

I'm really enjoying this novel about the actual disappearance of Agatha Christie. I do love a murder-mystery and so this is the perfect book (I've gone for the audio version) to accompany short walks in this dreary wet weather we're having. 

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bath time reading 


January 2021 is not necessarily the time for making new years resolutions!  Hibernus is Latin for wintry/cold/frost and is where we get the word hibernate from.  Well, we're all having to hibernate, so I guess we must try hard to embrace it.  Of course at No Secrets HQ we look forward to long baths and oh we wish we could hibernate in a Spa until the vaccines arrive.     

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Loving ...

We saw something new - a murmuraiton of starlings - and it was just a short walk from our house.  It was something I thought you needed to travel to find, so the evening we set out to watch it, it actually felt like an event ... at last!   We had to get there at dusk, so it was also something to put in the diary.  As we marched (always running a bit late) along the river bank near our house, we saw a few other people heading to similar watching posts.  There we stood in our own group, conversing in whispers as we watched the stunning display of sweeping and swooping groups of birds.  It lasted about 20-30 minutes and was a real highlight of the last few weeks. 

murmuration of starlings near Tudeley, Kent


When I remember to buy the list of ingredients, we actually love this green smoothie from the Hemsley sisters. (We don't always include avocado, or parsley and have never used dulse!)  It seems appropriate for this January with all its immune boosting properties! If you've never tried a green juice or smoothie before, you may be surprised as its actually really nice.  If you mix it with some orange juice you may be able to persuade less enthusiastic people to enjoy it too.  We call it Alien juice and the children do actually request it and are totally shocked it contains things they would never eat. 

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Hemsley and Hemsley go to green smoothie