Me Time Musings, November 21

 November 2020: Here's the things we're reading, loving, cooking and thinking about ... Enjoy!

Bath-time reading ...

Christmas & Other Winter Feasts by Tom Parker Bowles is a cook book which weaves in fabulous illustrations and the back story to our Winter Feasts e.g. Bonfire night.  Does anyone else just like reading cook books and day dreaming about events that you will - in all reality - never be part of.  It is quite rural in feeling and isn't for Vegans but I find it a romantic read even if you don't intend to cook anything!  

Bath Time Reading

Thinking ...

I'm very much a Spring and Summer person and my mindset towards Winter has never been great, but I really feel the above book, has helped me look at it differently.  If you like organising a party or event, the Autumn and Winter gives great focal points.  So here's to Winter walks and pub lunches and hosting friends and family!

body oil samples

Loving ...

We will be at our local Christmas Fair - Wealden Times Midwinter Fair - 18th-20th November.  We were last there in 2019 and we are SO excited to be returning.  It has such a lovely atmosphere and it is so wonderful to be able to share our No Secrets products. People say they are drawn to our stand from a distance by our Spa like scents!  Are you attending? Bring a print our of one our our Musings for a free gift on the day!

We can't wait! 

essential oils in candles

Cooking ...

This is a lovely recipe for a warming chicken, noodle and vegetable soup from Melissa Hemsley.  Wonderfully called Rescue Noodle ~Soup with Leftover Chicken!  Need I say more? It's great! 


vegan lentils