Me Time Musings; Earth Friendly Focus

Bath-time Reading ...

I've switched to listening, rather than reading in the bath, and am loving some of the true crime podcasts on Audible.  One benefit of this is that you can have candle light in the bathroom and close your eyes!  As it's Halloween this month, I figured a spooky recommendation would be good.  The podcast called West Cork is gripping and a very good listen.  

bathtime reading

Thinking ...

The containers used for make-up, skincare and bath products have not been the easiest to recycle.  Our bottles are recycable but the pumps in the hand cleansers maybe depending on your council.  Lids which are metal may have plastic liners which again depending on your council collection may be OK, or may not be.  We, like you, find this far from ideal and, with each new launch, we aim to be a eco-friendly as possible with the packaging.
For make-up containers, the hard plastics and then e.g. inset mirrors, pose even more issues .... UNTIL now!! It is fabulous that you will soon notice more places to recycle you beauty empties.  We are delighted to share with you an initiative from Maybeline.  A brand not in the natural space as far as ingredients, but has taken a lead on the recycling which will help us all!  An interactive map here. shows over 1000 stores nationwide, including Boots, Superdrug, Sainbury's and Tesco where you can recycle your empty mascaras, eye palettes etc.  Bins in Superdrug should be available from 09/09, in Sainsbury's from 14/09 and in Boots from 25/09.

I've also read this week that John Lewis will have recycling points for beauty packaging too. 

We think these initiatives are great!

recycling make up and toiletries

Loving ...

A find made on instagram recently.  Tru-Earth Paper sheets of washing liquid that has good 'green' and 'clean' credentials.  I turned away from the standard, highly scented, washing liquids years ago.  I've tried Tru-Earth ... it's great and no more plastic bottles taking up large spaces in cupboards, so a win-win!

p.s. I ordered the smaller pack, as when I ordered the large one, there was a customs issue and it got returned!
natural washing papers Try Earth

Cooking ...

A great Autumn favourite is an altered Delia recipe I've had for years.  This year we've got some interesting squashes in our veg box and we'll follow this recipe, swapping the squash! It works well with pumpkin too. 

Butternut Squash & Sweetcorn Soup

700g butternut squash, peeled and cubed
500g sweetcorn (I use frozen)
25g butter or oil
1 medium sized onion, finely chopped
2 sticks of celery
1 diced carrot
750ml vegetable stock (I use Swiss Bouillon) 

You will need a large saucepan and a stick blender.

On a medium heat, sweat the onion, celery and carrot in the butter or oil for about 10 mins. Add the cubed squash and continue stirring for a couple of minutes.  Add the stock and simmer until all the veg is soft, (about 20-30 mins) add the sweetcorn and simmer for a further 5 mins.   Zap with a stick blender and serve!
squashes and pumpkins and autumn beauty