Me Time Musings, September 2020

Bath-time reading...

It felt like Autumn had arrived over August Bank Holiday and, despite the warmer days we're having now, the seasons are definitely changing.  With that in mind, thoughts turn to what will happen when the Autumn coughs and colds confuse this whole Covid landscape.  It seems at this point - apart from social distancing - it is perhaps our immune systems which will be tested more than ever this year.  
There are some great insights into this subject in Staying Alive in Toxic Times by Dr Jenny Goodman.  As a seasonal guide to lifelong health it covers nutrition and lifestyle. Dr Goodman also touches on beauty, writing that 'toiletries are full of toxic ingredients, and they go into your body through your skin.'
I simply love this book. It is a fabulous summary of the journey I went on myself before starting No Secrets!

 Staying Alive_Jenny Goodman_Oraganic Lifestyle


This month I was interviewed for Natural Health magazine's feature on choosing an Organic lifestyle.  I've tried to eat Organic food for over 25 years and drive my wider family mad about my fussiness around food choices!  I do believe, while always a work in progress, it is so incredibly important. 
The magazine is widely available until September 20th.  

eating organically Natural Health Magazine and No Secrets Beauty


It is one year since our two lovely Tom cats arrived at our home!  They are Siberian crosses and are deeply loved.  We named them after champagne brands.  One is Bolinger but we call him Bolli.  The second name was less obvious until we found a champagne house called Geoffroy, but we pronounce it Geoffrey! 

siberian cat at No Secrets Beauty

Champagne is important to my story as, having been told to avoid yeast based products in order to tackle candida, wine was off the menu. Champagne however, due to its second fermentation, has a different story and is better tolerated! 

In addition, I was advised that the foaming agents used in Bubble Baths are a big 'no-no' for anyone having a regard to their vaginal health. 

At No Secrets we always say 'we only like Bubbles in our glasses!'


For lunches we've been enjoying home grown tomatoes, basil and fabulous chillies (courtesy of the Marks&Spencer Little Garden Give-away before lockdown), sliced and diced with olive oil, lime juice, Himalayan salt and pepper, spooned over toast with various accompaniments: avocado, cheese, smoked salmon etc.


home grown tomatoes