Where is the fresh air in an air freshener?

Since embarking on my journey to create No Secrets, I have become ever more curious and concerned about fragranced stick diffusers, solid air fresheners and scented plug-ins.  Curious because I began to question why some made my headache, but also how the scent could last so long? Concerned when I began to understand the answer.  

Did you know that, in order to make a scent last for weeks to months, the only option is to use chemicals and synthetic fragrances? It is reported by Karen Alexander, Oncology Wellness Specialist, that breathing in certain chemicals, potentially used in air fresheners, could cause damage to the major organs and disrupt our hormones.  The greater challenge is that there is no list of ingredients on air fresheners or stick diffusers, so as consumers, we cannot make an informed decision when purchasing such a product.  Another challenge is that – in the bid to make our homes more energy efficient – there is less natural ventilation and so such chemicals may sit in the air around us, unable to escape.

So, what options are there for those of us who don’t want to scent our home with chemicals but would like to add some fragrance? After various experiments and research, I’ve decided the best solution is to use pure, essential oils either in an oil burner or an electric diffuser.  Now, I have to share and manage expectations; the fragrance lasts while the burner is lit, but is that such a bad thing?  Personally, I don’t believe so.  It allows you to change the fragrance with your mood or to suit the occasion.  It also means that every time you light your burner, you really engage with the natural oils, as if you were smelling them for the first time.  Unlike a reed diffuser, the scent doesn’t just become part of the background of your home, your senses deadened to its presence.

So, as you would expect from No Secrets, we are challenging the artificial scent status quo.  We are delighted to introduce our limited edition ceramic oil burners, designed and hand-thrown by Erica Fransson, that throw out magical stars and - used with our 100% natural essential oil blends - will scent your home naturally.  

Love Lorna x