Pimples on the backs of your arms?

Smooth arms for summer?
Yes please! 

how to get smooth arms

Ever wondered what those pimples on the backs of your arms are? Well they are called keratosis pilaris. Totally harmless, but annoying when the summer clothes come out! 

I used to have those ... in quite a number.  

Apparently I'm not the only one.  1 in 3 of us has these little gems.  

 Unexpected benefit

After a number of weeks of using our first batch of No Secrets shower cream, an added bonus was that my pimples completely disappeared - and that was without using body lotion! I thought that it was just me, but recently another customer has mentioned it too.

No thank you to chemical nasties

I am a believer in avoiding unnecessary chemicals and suspect that the commonest ingredient in most shower creams - SLS or SLES, chemical foam enhancers, and known skin irritants for some - was not helping the pimple situation.

 smooth skin


Plant power

Our shower cream is made from naturally derived cleansing agents and plant extracts like Willow Bark. It soothes as it cleanses, moisturising the skin with Shea Nut Butter and Cocoa Butter.


And did we forget to mention our customers tell us that our fragrances remind them of a spa!