Red Online loved Solo Eleven!

Tonight we had a flurry of orders of Solo bars and were delighted to see they had all come via an article in Red Online focusing on the best shampoo bars!  

Our Solo Eleven featured as the Best Shampoo and Body Bar!  Wow, Thank you Red! And we can assure you, as is the case with all of our Solo bars, it really does lather beautifully. 

Red Online 
(21st May 2021) - '11 best shampoo bars you'll actually want to use' ... 
'Best Shampoo and Body Bar, Solo Eleven, This is one small but perfectly formed shampoo and body bar that packs a punch. ... Despite its delicate, unassuming size, it never loses its shape, no matter how much it's used...'

Thank you so much to Red for including us in your round up of the best shampoo bars.