The Power of Natural Perfume

I’m sure everyone has experienced the moment when, a certain perfume, natural scent or fragrance hits you and then – wham – you are instantaneously transported back to a moment in time, to a particular person or place. The fragrance experienced from nature be that flowers, fruit or food can connect us to a memory or emotion, recent or long since faded.  So why is this?  And why is it of interest when thinking about natural skincare?

This is not just a chance happening.  Scientists have demonstrated the link between the olfactory nerve – which directly connects the nose to the brain – and, most interestingly, the part of the brain that contributes to controlling mood, memory, behaviour and emotion.

This therefore gives us permission – if it was needed (!) – to surround ourselves in scents we find enriching to our mood and wellbeing.  This was paramount in my mind when developing the fragrances for No Secrets.  I was bored of the scents, or more importantly lack of scent, in natural products I had found. I wanted my bathroom to be filled with rich perfume to inspire my day, calm my mood or take me to another place. Whenever we were testing something I would ask, can you smell it from the next room, does it fill the bathroom? If the answer was ‘yes’, we had that box ticked.

Moving away from the trend of focusing on two or three distinct scent ingredients, I wanted to scent our products with something more complex, more like traditional perfume.  I am delighted that the first people to experience ‘One’ all refer to it reminding them of a spa. If showering with No Secrets can give you that spa like feeling for five minutes each day, then I feel that ‘One’, the first fragrance we created, was spot-on! 

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Wishing you relaxing showers,

Lorna x

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