Silver & Bronze in Free From Skincare Awards 2021!

We're delighted to announce, that we won both a Silver and Bronze award in the Free From Skincare Awards this week!

Bronze went to our wonderful citrusy, SOLO Nine. Loved by all members of our family, we entered SOLO Nine into the Family Skincare category.  We feel it is a great little soap free bar!  

soap free shampoo bar_award winning_best shampoo bars

An innovative product it can be used as a shampoo on hair, but also as a body wash and hand soap.  This makes it a great all round product that earns its place in your shower or bathroom!  Also perfect to take on holiday, as it takes up less room than all those different plastic bottles! 

The vegetable based ingredients are non-drying and 'Yes' it lathers too!  Our essential oil blend Nine, is packed with different Citrus oils making it a firm family favourite. The oil blend made us smile and so we call it 'Happy & Joyful'.


body oil for dry skin

We then went on to win a Silver Award for our Body Jelly in One. 'One' is our mood enhancing 'Fresh & Uplifting' essential oil scent.  

Body Jelly is another innovative product that takes body oil to a new level.  All the benefits of pure, plant based oils, with the additional bonus that the oils are set to a jelly.  Making it easier to use, it is applied more like a cream or lotion.  

If you're looking for clean, uncomplicated beauty, this is for you.  A blend of rich oils, high in fatty acids, which aid the skin's barrier to remain healthy and self repair, it is also packed with fragrant essential oils that lift the experience of using it, to one akin, to being pampered at a Spa.