Staying Cool in Summer

Wishing you had a swimming pool or a river nearby to dive into on a hot day? Well you may have your own mini version in your home! We’ve all headed to the sea to cool off on a hot day, so why not turn to your bath as the perfect solution?  Laying in a bath, with water at a cooler temperature than you would normally use, will certainly cool you down and can actually reduce your core body temperature.

Summertime Home Spa 

Using a bath product with refreshing essential oils like eucalyptus will also have a cooling effect on your senses. No Secrets Bath Jelly in One includes eucalyptus and citrus plant oils for a balancing, refreshing effect.  The added benefit of our Bath Jelly is that the indulgent mix of plant oils – applied before sinking into the bath - will be replenishing any dehydration to the skin caused by wind or sun.

If you are looking to recreate the feeling of a romantic garden on a summer’s evening, full of voluptuous, heady florals, bathing in No Secrets Bath Sugar, while closing your eyes, will take you to that place.

Ideas to help you keep cool!

cucumber and mint water

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by:

  • preparing yourself a tall glass of water infused with fresh mint leaves and ribbons of cucumber (use a ‘Y’ peeler to make them look fit for a cocktail) or different slices of citrus fruit.
  • Place a bowl of water in the fridge with 1 drop of your favourite essential oil (I would always go for No Secrets blend One). Leave a flannel in the bowl to soak up the water. When ready for your bath, wring out the flannel and lay it over your forehead, or face, for a mini facial type experience.