Me Time Musings, June 21

What we're reading, cooking, thinking about and loving this month. Enjoy!

 Bath-time reading...

Summer, and focus must turn to the garden or patio pots.  After the rain at the beginning of May, the heat has come and gone. And now the rain is back again!  There are weeds everywhere. I spent four hours on Sunday removing creeping buttercup from a flower bed and don't now know what should be there or not! 

I got this book for Christmas which is a good read and has lots of great ideas and pictures. 

RHS Your Wellbeing Garden  | RHS


If we get some hot days again, how wonderful it is to cool off in a bath!  I've written more about summer bathing and tips to keep cool here.

summer bathing and tips for keeping cool in summer


We are thrilled and loving the continued response by experts to our products.  This month we received notice that we have been shortlisted, or reached the finals, for over 10 different awards!   These are from Freefrom Skincare Awards, Natural Health Magazine and Veggie Magazine.   
In contention are our following products:

Solo Bars in Nine & Eleven
In scent blend One: Bath Jelly & Body Jelly
In scent blend Four: Hand & Body Butter, Bath Sugar & Body Jelly

We'll keep you posted with more news over the summer! 

award winning boutique British beauty brand


Back to weeds.  I have tried to embrace them and cook nettle soup. I felt this was a perfect free, and totally sustainable food source, as we are surrounded by them.  I'm afraid it wasn't for us, and I am sad about that as, according to  Wikepedia and many other sources, stinging nettles are known to have a high nutritional value, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins A and B.  Perhaps it was the recipe I chose.  Please share if you've had success.  Here his a picture but not of our version, nor the family's 'yuk' faces!  

(However, we can recommend cucumber and mint water!)

Not the recipe we chose, but perhaps for a future trial as I do think it looks delicious, see
Two white bowls containing bright green soup