Sunsets in Lockdown

We can't see the sunset from our garden.  We chase the last rays of sun, as they dip behind the trees that sit on the top of a little hill, along the lane on which we live. 

What new things have you done in lockdown? We've taken to walking up the lane and observing the sunsets, which are different every night. The beautiful weather in April and May gave us some wonderful skies.

I wonder if this new habit will stick? 

lockdown Sunset near Tunbridge Wells by Graeme Veale stunning pink and mauve sunset in kent during lockdown by Lorna Veale vaper trails in lockdown sunset by Lorna Veale
moody sunset in lockdown in kent clear sky sunset during lockdown by No Secrets' Graeme Veale  big sky during lockdown with no areoplanes by Lorna Veale
beautiful clouds in lockdown by Graeme Veale no clouds lockdown sunset by Lorna Veale lockdown sunset by No Secrets plant based skincare


 All photos by Lorna & Graeme Veale, 2020.